Welcome back heroes of the mortal realms. Join us as we delve into the Cubicle 7 Entertainment’s TRPG Soulbound and their adventure module Crash and Burn. So, ready your sword arm, prepare you magic, and let’s get adventuring!

The following playthrough will be presented in a short story format. Not only that but, the game mechanics will be concisely listed in terms of dice rolls. In this case, it will be for combat. The premise of Crash and Burn is that the the party of Soulbound are to accompany a sky fleet to the recently recaptured city of Brightspear in the Realm of Fire. But, the travel is not plain sailing as the fleet comes under attack from daemons of the dark god of change, Tzeentch.

The deep blasts of alarm horns echo across the skyline. Nearby airships of the Kharadron fleet act as repeaters as the state of emergency is made apparent. The whipping storm of fuchsias and violets engulfs the sky fleet that is headed to support the recently reclaimed city of Brightspear to the West. But, this was no ordinary storm.

It twists and turns like a predator adjusting to its prey. Then, once it’s target is locked the hell begins. A bright bolt of lightning tinged with purple hues cracks open an unlucky frigate. The aetheric engines detonate with deafening ferocity showering debris of both ship and crew to the world below. To the Soulbound and crew on Grungni’s Face, the explosion and despair flashes through the now foggy conditions as they watch the wreckage fall to their right. This is until their attention is claimed by the ear piercing shrieks and shrills of Chaos Daemons assailing the entire fleet. The fight for survival begins!

The Stormcast and Sylvaneth members of the Soulbound, as well as the handful of crew, ready themselves for the destruction that hurtles towards them. For some, not ready enough as a azure skinned Tzaangore Skyfire, a humanoid beast creature with razor sharp claws and beak, screams from out of nowhere and claims purchase on the forward gunner. The floating metalic disk it rides was too fast for the Kharadron Duardin as she is ripped from the seat and thrown overboard. Her wails piercing the hearts of the crew as she vanishes into the fog.

Surprise Round:

In no time at all, the frigate is surrounded by a group of Tzaangor Skyfires and their warped manta ray like pet Screamers. Bows knock. Arrows find their target with unnatural accuracy, like the weaves of fate aided their hands. The Stormcast Eternal winces in pain as shafts stick out of a leg and her side. The pain is shared with the hulking tree form of Darach and the sea Aelf Ahnika. Crimson soon tarnishes the recently cleaned deck.

Skyfire1 attacks Mehga. Hit(2). Arrow of Fate, rolls of 6 results in 2 hits(2). 4 hits total. 5 damage reduced by Mehga’s armour for 2 damage.

Skyfire2 attacks Mehga. Hit(4). Arrow of Fate(2). Hits(6). 7 damage reduced by 3 armour to 4.

Skyfire3 attacks Darach. Hit(4). Arrow of Fate(1). Hits(5). 6 damage reduced from 2 armour to 4.

Skyfire4 attacks Ahnika. Hit(5). Arrow of Fate(2). Hits(7). 8 damage reduced from 1 armour to 7.

Mighty roars follow as Mehga’s Stormcast form powers through. The viscous teeth of the Screamers meet heavy shield and hardened bark as the two Soulbound at the front of the ship repel a wave of attacks. Ahnika scrambles away from the wild flying manta ray which narrowly misses her chest with a dive.

Screamers(4) all miss.

Round 1:

“Stand Fast!”

Even the booming voice of Mehga struggles to find the ears of those on deck. The maelstrom of battle around them was as thick as the storm that surrounds them. In the distance, chaotic lightning outline the plight of other ships. Some bursting into flames. Some collide with one another. Whilst others just detonate much like the one before. Even the fleets escort, the venerable, winged Stormcast Knight-Ventors meet their end as they battle a greater daemon in the skies above.

More arrows pepper the deck as the Soulbound feel their life force spill onto the ship that carries them. Each blade head seeking the taste of blood as they whistle to their targets. Ahnika receives the worst of the injuries in the mere minutes of the battle thus far. Her heart is pounding, breathing raspy, and raiment tarnished with blood. She narrowly avoids another Screamer strike then raises a hand clasping her Aelven rune. Pushing past the agony of a heavily damaged left shoulder and chest, her other arm makes the motions to channel the magics of the deep.

Skyfire1 attacks Mehga. Hit(4). 5 damage reduced by 3 armour to 2.

Skyfire2 attacks Mehga. Hit(4). Arrow of Fate(2). Hits(5). 7 damage reduced by 3 armour to 4. 2 wounds suffered.

Skyfire3 attack Darach. Hit(4). Arrow of Fate(2). Hits(6). 7 damage reduced by 2 to 5. 1 wound.

Skyfire4 attacks Ahnika. Hit(4). 5 damage reduced by 1 to 4. 3 wounds.

Screamers(4) all miss.

“Get off my ship!”

Booms the Captains voice. Levers and switches are smacked as the ship is put on a stable course. With hands now free, heavy boots are followed by the lashing of a sword at the Screamer assaulting Ahnika. It recoils in pain as it tries to fly around for another pass. This gives the Aelf the breathing room she needed.

Cpt. Brokka attacks Screamer. Hit(1). 2 damage.

The air around the deck chills as ice crackles its way around the top of the ship. Frost woven with magic surrounds her companions and stems the onslaught from the chaos daemons. She tumbles her way down into the lower deck. Falling into the arms of the Priest of Sigmar, she firmly urges him to help those on deck. He tries to object, emerald eyes looking in horror at her grave state, blood trickling from her mouth.

Ahnika casts Arcane Barrier. Success. 5 rounds  of protection on ship.

Ahnika uses vial of Aqua Ghytanis. +10 toughness up to her maximum of 7.

“The light of Sigmar is needed by many above. Go!”

She shows the vial of Aqua Ghyranis, the waters of life. A look of amethyst resolve shoots to priest Byron. He reluctantly nods, carefully setting her down as she pops the cork. Frontal aetheric cannons shake the ship as Duardin crew fire at will. The shrieks from outside signify their targets were met with full effect.

Frigate guns attack Skyfire1. Hits(2). 5 damage reduced by 1 for 4 damage.

Frigate guns attack Skyfire2. Hits(2). 5 damage reduced by 1 for 4 damage.

With the ice wall now protecting the ship, Darach and Mehga go on the offensive and unload mighty swings into their foes. Each managing to add to the tally of fallen enemies. The deck is going to need a good scrubbing after all is said and done. If they all make it out of this hell storm. One thing is for certain, the devoted war priest, with hair like fire, is not going to let his comrades fall so easily. The warming rays of the God King Sigmar illuminate the frozen dome sealing wounds and restoring vigor.

Darach attacks Screamer3. Hit(3). 5 damage. Kill.

Mehga attacks Screamer1. Hit(6). 7 damage. kill. Use Mettle and consumes vial of Aqua Ghyranis. Restores 10 toughness up to her maximum of 9.

Byron calls Healing Spirit. Heals all for 2 toughness.

Round 2:

The crew of the Grungni’s Face and the Soulbound fight to keep back the tides of Chaos. But this storm is not so easily weathered. The cacophony around them grows stronger with each minute that passes. The sound of aetheric engines failing and subsequently detonating resonating with their hearts. Through the arcane ice, more daemons can be seen joining the assault. But, it could be worse. The greater daemon seems to be focused on more unfortunate prey.

Despite the barrier in place on the deck, the arrows of fate still manage to find their targets raining down upon them through the pink storm. Being attuned to the weave of destiny, the Skyfires seem to know which parts of the ice are weakest and where their targets will be. Shoulders, chest, and legs receive wounds from all on deck.

A yelp followed by a thud grips Byron’s attention. His trusty hound lay there motionless, unable to dodge the onslaught. Seconds seem like minutes as his face explores a range of emotions in sequence. Sorrow. Loss. Grief. Anger. Vengeance. His brow furrows and jaw clenches before turning towards the scum that did this, seething in rage.

Skyfire1 attacks Mehga. Hit(2). Arrow of Fate(1). Hits(3). 4 damage reduced by 3 to 1.

Skyfire2 attacks Mehga. Hit(3). 4 damage reduced by 3 to 1.

Skyfire3 attacks Darach. Hit(4). 4 damage reduced by 2 to 2.

Skyfire4 attacks Captain Brokka. Hit(2). 3 damage reduced by 2 to 1.

Skyfire5 attacks Byron. Hit(4). Arrow of Fate(3). Hits(7). 8 damage reduced by 1 to 7.

Skyfire6 attacks Gryph Hound. Hit(6). Arrow of Fate(3). 10 damage. Kill.

Screamers all miss.

Focus is shifted once again from the hail of death seekers to the remaining Screamers trapped in the barrier. The captain and Mehga both connect with their swords eliminating another threat. Darach’s huge greatbow returns the grace of arrows into a Skyfire whilst Ahnika, the Idoneth Tidecaster, crushes another with the full force of sea magic. Two floating disks now masterless.

Cannon fire fell two more strafing daemons pumping munitions like a beating heart fighting for survival. The shrieks of their enemies can barely be heard of the mass destruction in the skies around them. But, the voice of Byron raises in volume and ferocity as though God King Sigmar speaks through him. The holy symbol explodes in rays of judgment as the war priest calls for justice upon the armies of the dark god Tzeentch. The warmth was welcoming to his comrades. Not so much for the warped and mutated flesh of those conducting the assault.

Captain attacks Screamer4. Hit(4). 5 damage. Kill.

Ahnika casts Pressure of the Deep on Skyfire3. Succeed(5). Uses mettle adding to dice rolls. Total roll high than highest Skyfire ability. Automatic kill.

Frigate guns attack Skyfire2. Hit(3). 6 damage reduced by 1 to 5. Kill.

Frigate guns attack Skyfire1. Hit(3). 6 damage reduced by 1 to 5. Kill.

Darach attacks Skyfire4. Hit(4). 5 damage reduced by 1 to 4.

Darach uses Mettle to attack Skyfire4 again. Hit(5). 6 damage reduced by 1 to 5. Kill.

Mehga attacks Screamer2. Hit(6). 7 damage. Kill.

Byron calls Light of Sigmar on forward zone.. Success(4).  4 damage reduced by 1 to 3 to Skyfire(2). 4 damage to Screamer.

Round 3:

A cacophony of schrieks and shrills greet Grungni’s Face as more Daemons support the onslaught. Several booms resonate throughout the skyscape as flaming Duardin craftsmanship plummet to the world below. Shimmering rose lightning crackles against a Frigate above the Soulbound igniting the engines. Several of the crew spill over the sides as its trajectory swerves down into the path of the Grungni’s Face.

Crash! The two hulls collide with a mind tearing crunch of buckling metals. Supporting rigs snap as the secondary engine swings loose as the stern to slides clockwise. The sheer impact jolts the entire crew including the Soulbound. Several crew lose their footing heavily cascading to the railings on the port side, hanging on for dear life. And so do Ahnika and Byron whose fear of falling to their death is made vocal.

Airship collision. Ahnika, Byron fail to roll high enough and lose footing. 5 damage.

Despite the condition of the ship, the Skyfires and Screamers do not ease their resolve. They swoop in to seal their fates with arrows and teeth. With the arcane barrier still holding firm, the crew are safe from the twisted manta rays of chaos. But, the bladed tips of arrows claim purchase on their targets. The weave of fate guiding their shots through the weak points of the shield once more.

Skyfire5 attacks Captain. Hit(4). 5 damage reduced by 2 to 3.

Skyfire6 attack Darach. Hit(2). 2 damage reduced by 2 to 0.

Skyfire7 attack Mehga. Miss.

Skyfire8 attacks Mehga. Miss.

The pain seems to strengthen the will of the Captain as she aligns the main gun at her assailants. Ferocious roars insult the Daemons for their shoddy aim, but the blasts not being able to claim their lives. All of the ship’s guns unload their munitions causing the enemy airforce to reposition. Not wanting to be outdone, Darach adds salt to the wounds of the Captain’s scathing. The greatbow, similar in size to a conventional ballista, punishes its opponent leaving it recoiling.

Frigate side guns and Captain on main gun attack Skyfires. Miss.

Darach attacks Skyfire8. Hit(4). 5 damage reduced by 1 to 4.

With no close quarters enemies near, Mehga surveys the situation but then hears the screams coming from the port side of the ship. A flash of panic fills her heart before she instantly drives into action.

Mehga uses a help action aid Byron. Uses Mettle to Defend when he is up.

“Keep them at bay!”

She commands as Darach nods. The greatbow is readied for another volley.

“We do not fall here! Move!”

Byron angrily questions Ahnika’s choice of words in the situation as they both swing from the railing. The drop below is clawing at their legs and lower body. The Idoneth’s slender form manages to scrape and scramble back to some safety, grunts and determined growls given along the way. Heavy Azurite gauntlets clasp the struggling arm of the warpriest. The immense strength of the Stormcast Knight Questor nearly wrenches the shoulder out of its socket. But, gratitude is given regardless. Dislocation is better than a red mess on the ground below.

The call of magic and faith resonates within the dome in unison. Defensive spells wrap the hulking Sylvaneth as wounds seal from the warmth of Sigmar’s Light. But, this does little to control the now dangerous condition of the ship. The loose engine finally gives way as it snaps off narrowly missing some of the crew and embraces the storm around them. An array of blue and green flames erupt from the main engine. It’s power flicks. Grungni’s Face moans from its injuries as altitude drops at an alarming rate.

Ahnika and Byron succeed rolls to clamber back onto deck.

Ahnika casts Mystical Shield on Darach. Success(2). +2 armour.

Byron calls Healing Spirit. Success(2). +2 toughness to all on deck.


The captain spins round to see her vessel falling apart. The nose dips shifting the crew once more.

“Brace yourselves!”

Like a disturbed hornets nest, the ravagers of Tzeentch scream after them willing to finish the job. The smell of ash and burning pine increases in intensity, as does the temperature of the air. Below, a soft glow of orange, reds, and yellows greet them like a new dawn. Except this dawn is one of anguish and doom.

Brokka curses repeatedly as the compromised hull makes contact with several branches of the forest they had been flying over. These branches, however, are like flails of lashing infernos. It doesn’t take long to realise that its not just the branches but the entire forest that’s alight. The heat and smoke quickly becomes stifling. In combination with the constant battering from blazing trees, the crew and Soulbound quickly become overwhelmed at their new, deadly situations.

The ship is thrown from side to side with each contact of the forest around them. Scorch marks mar both hull and flesh.

“Hold On!”

Screams the Captain as the Arkanaut Frigate impacts the unwavering floor with tremendous force. With a mighty crack and crunch the hull breaks in two and spilling its cargo, both living and of supplies, across the burning forest floor. Exclaims and profane curses are followed by the thuds of bodies finding the earth, knocking consciousness out of their forms. Now, the Gungni’s Face lies in the dirt. Broken. Defeated. It’s heart and soul scattered to the earth and trees. This burning forest will be its final resting place where it is to be cremated leaving it’s crew to fend for themselves.

All Soulbound fail rolls to remain conscious and to brace for impact. 1 minor wound for all party members.

We hope you have enjoyed our preview game of Cubicle 7 Entertainment’s Crash and Burn module for Soulbound. You can buy the core book now on their official store. The Crash and Burn adventure is also free and can be downloaded from their store too. If you haven’t done so already, you can find our review of Age of Sigmar Soulbound here. Stay tuned for more reviews, previews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!