Welcome back heroes of the mortal realms. Join us as we share a preview and our thoughts on the Champions of Order supplement from Cubicle 7 Entertainment‘s table top role playing game, Soulbound. So, power up your aetheric rig, count your blessings to Sigmar, and unsheathe your cutlass’. We are going on an adventure!

What is Champions of Order?

Acting as a supplement to be used along side the Soulbound official rulebook, Champions of Order expands the already rich character and party creation. It features a new faction, the Lumineth Runelords, a plethora of sub-factions and Archetypes to enrich all factions in the game, numerous character goals to pursue, and a multitude of new Traits, Spells, and Blessings to harness. Not only that but, players will gain access to more equipment options, perform downtime activities including establishing useful NPC contacts, as well as greater loyal companion to tame, such as the fearsome Magmadroth!

Looking More Deeply

There is so much this new supplement grants the base game. For starters, Champions of Order provides not only a new faction with 4 new Archetypes but also 6 new Archetypes for existing ones. The new faction, being the Lumineth Runelords, are the graceful and prideful Aelves of the Realm of Light, Hysh. To further customisation, there are also over 50 sub-factions that grant additional traits.

On the surface I have so much love for the new faction. They are very interesting to play both in role play and mechanically. They think other realms are beneath that of the Realm of Light and of them. The extra skills from being an Aelf definitely pushes that agenda.

If I were to pick a few Archetypes out theĀ Lumineth Runelord Alarith Stoneguard would be one. Straight from character creation your character can have a Defense vary from Great to Extraordinary! This is amazing! If you lean towards the tank role this is for you. Put training into Reflexes, take the Bulwark and Stalwart Guard Traits to combine with the Core Talent of Mountain Stance, and the tides of enemies will break against the unmovable mountain. Anything below a Great attack rating will have difficulty hitting you. But, not to worry, your heavy armour will reduce any damage that gets through by 3. Swathes of Bloodletters and Skaven Warriors? Ha! No problem.

Another one to shine the spot light on is the Stormcast Eternal Knight Zephyros. Stormcast are natural powerhouses and extremely fun to play. But now you can tip into Black Ark Corsair, whirling dervish territory! If you like declaring “Charge!” before releasing a cascading waves of dice onto the table then this one will suit you perfectly. The Lightning Fast Reflexes Trait can double your attack output without even using Mettle. Boost it with the Ambidextrous Trait for more damage dice and Relentless Assault for greater attack rating and you will be the eviscerating whirlwind the enemy will learn to fear!

But if that doesn’t tickle your fancy and you want to be the brains behind your Binding then the Kharadron Overlord Aetheric Navigator might be for you. With a high Mind stat and utilising some new Traits such as Backup Plan, Expert Co-Ordinator, and Nav-League Member, you will be able to provide some pretty substantial support to your party. This includes buffing your party’s Initiative and/or Accuracy, hampering the enemies Defense, unbinding spells, and even re-rolling 1s. Excellent aid to any group!

Now, talking about sub-factions a little bit more. As mentioned above they grant an additional effect. These can vary from crafting benefits, combat sturdiness, and even bonuses to gaining followers. My favourite so far is the sub-faction of Anvilgard and gaining useful NPC allies. Being able to turn to others sources of information and other resources can be very helpful, when co-ordinated with the GM. Great tools and flavour to be used.

The expansive Talent, Spells, and Miracles list is also a lovely addition. Those who love to craft builds and explore alter-ego ideas will have a field day with this supplement! Especially when throwing in new equipment and goals for the character and party to pursue. There are over 10 pages worth of new useful Talents, 8 pages of new soulful Miracles, and 10 pages of awesome spells to influence your choices. This includes new Lores of Magic and Blessings that come with the new faction, the Lumineth Runelords.

Aside from character creation, there are over 10 pages worth of downtime activities and contacts the Soulbound can undertake and acquire respectively. And if you don’t know who you want to play as straight away, don’t fret. The wonderful team at Cubicle 7 have included 5 pre-generated character sheets that are ready to grace the table.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Champions of Order supplement for Age of Sigmar Soulbound is utterly fantastic! There is oodles to sink your teeth into. If you are looking to expand your character possibilities, or even your campaign if you are the GM, then this is a must. As one who loves lore and cranking numbers, I have been like a kid in a candy store with this one. With detailed and rich write ups for each faction and sub faction as well as more on the realms you will embark on coupled with easy but fulfilling game mechanics, it is easy to love this game. And despite the delve made above into this tome, there are many more details that are not given justice such as the goals and background to your ground options.

And that is your lot. I hope you have enjoyed this brief look into the new supplement for Age of Sigmar Soulbound, Champions of Order. You can order this resource on the official Cubicle 7 Entertainment store. Or you can find it on the DriveThruRPG store. Also, if you are looking to start or continue playing, the Soulbound Discord is a great place to slay the enemies of Order. You can find more articles on Soulbound here. Let us know who your alter-ego is in the comments below. Until next time, smile and game!