King, the creator of Candy Crush Saga, have launched their first multiplayer game since they set up shop as one of the biggest mobile games developers in the world, with over 490 million active users every month. Shuffle Cats is a new PvP based card game which is linked to the traditional Rummy game, as the company looks to expand past its tried and tested match-3 game types.

What is Shuffle Cats About?

Set in the 1920’s, Shuffle Cats is located on the rooftops of London, and all the characters you meet are of the feline variety. These competitive cats have set up casino based locations known as the Lucky Lane, where players will pay their entry fee, and face off against other opponents.

To introduce you to a few of the colourful characters, Montie is the main girl, a feline who teaches you the basics and follows you along your journey. Walter is a small black and white cat who creates the Lucky Charms (not the cereal) used to gain a step up on your opponent, and oversees a range of mini-games. There will be plenty more characters to meet along the way, as the game develops and grows beyond it’s initial release.

Shuffle Cats is free to play, and available on the Google Play and iOS App Store from today. Players will be facing off 1 v 1, with slightly changed Rummy rules. You’ll need to get 3 matches of the same card, or more known as a “meld” or a straight i.e 1,2 and 3 all in the same suit. Each successful meld or straight you achieve gains you points, a three card based meld would be 3 points, the first to 10 points will win the match.

Lucky Charms, allows you to inflict various effects on your opponent, either by taking one point away or freezing their hand for a few turns. You can also buff yourself, allowing more points to be awarded when using King or Queen melds to gain those match winning 10 points more quickly.

We sat down with Regis Geoffrion from King to learn more about his vision, and how Shuffle Cats became King’s next game.