If there is one series of games that is pure fun and great for parties it is the Rockband titles. Over the years the different games in the series have brought more songs and even more instruments into the mix to make your bands more larger than life. But when Rockband 3 came out, there were issues to be dealt with. There seemed to be too much going on. So with this in mind, the developers behind Rockband 4 has decided to go back to basics. How does the game hold out as it stands right now?

First off the game goes back to basics with only having two guitars, a microphone and a set of drums. As much as it is sad to see some of the additional instruments leave, it is great to have a simple set up return for the new generation. But what has been done to the old to make it feel new? Well the updated hardware, supplied by Mad Catz, has some interesting new technology to help make the experience better for players. Latency issues have been seen to and now there is no input lag to be seen, at least in the build that was available at the event. The new strato-caster guitars are completely wireless with no need for a dongle like previous versions. They also include improved tilt detection in order to activate your overdrive gauges and automatically calibrate to your TV so you no longer have to spend time before playing setting them up. The wireless drums have now got high quality pads that are sound absorbent and velocity sensitive, making them more durable than ever before. Finally the USB microphone has a longer fifteen inch cable and comes with 48-bit response for accurate key tracking when you’re hitting those high notes. As much as they may look the same on the outside, the inside has a lot more support for the new generation.