Welcome back honourable warriors! With Ghost of Tsushima nearing release, the anticipation to delve into the new title by developer Sucker Punch is as high as ever. Why don’t you join us as we detail 7 reasons why you should buy Ghost of Tsushima.

1 Beautiful Visuals and Sound

In the Playstation State of Play video, it presented a great round up of what to expect in the upcoming title. One of which is the absolutely stunning visuals the game has to offer. Fields of grass ebb and flow with the caressing fingertips of the wind. Petals of beautiful flowers grace the screen as you travel through a grove. Spectacular views greet you as pause from atop a mountain temple scoping the luscious fields. Nature and settlements tarnished by the fires of raids. Even the rippling of your cloak as you take in the sights. Outstanding!

It’s not just the visuals that will blow you away. The soundtrack and natural ambiance isĀ  magnificent, from what has been revealed so far. The team has gone as far as flying out to Japan to record native birds chirping for this game. They have also pushed the boundaries and absorbed as much information from historical sources as possible to present a realistic experience of awe and grace.

2 Sense of Adventure and Exploration

It is common for RPGs and games in general to aid the player with their current objectives. Whether it be an icon at the top of the screen, arrows on the map, etc. In Ghost of Tsushima you can rely on mother nature. By feeling the wind, it will visually, and gorgeously, flow to guide you to your current objective. Not only that but wildlife such as birds will fly and perch at points of interests and, foxes will entice you to shrines from which you can honour to gain upgrade points. All while freeing up the screen to absorb more of the breath taking world.

3 Thrilling Combat

A game with Samurai, Mongol invasions, and raids wouldn’t be complete without a good scrap. Don’t worry, this game will definitely provide! As mentioned in the State of Play video, it was mentioned that Samurai movies such as Seven Samurai by Akira Kurosawa were heavy influences for the game. This definitely shows. With the ability to challenge an opponent in a Samurai meets Western style showdown, it begins and leaves with tense, heart beating moments.

Apart from the “duels”, parrying has been featured and can open up the opponents defenses and keep you in the fight. This includes enemy arrows! You will also be able to utilise a wide arsenal such as bows, kunai throwing blades, and smoke bombs. The latter two fully explored as The Ghost. You can instead choose to discard you honourable traditions and adopt the way of The Ghost. Stealth, assassinations, and fear are your weapons. And the Mongols will learn this over the coarse of the game and visually become afraid of you.

4 Customisation

It would be easy to assume there would be two main looks for the main protagonist: the Samurai and The Ghost. This is not quite the case. Throughout the game you will acquire a plethora of different attires. You can fully customise your look, and boost your attributes, to hone in on your own style of play. This is enhanced with the use of dye flowers to add a splash of colour to your character. Not only that, but the pursuit of Charms can further your abilities and play style further.

5 Photo Mode

With such a beautiful piece of art gracing our screens, it would only do it justice to include a photo mode. The developers have provided a fully fledged suit for just this. From the footage, it looks like you can jump into the photo mode straight from in game and craft your perfect shot. There are a multitude of settings including depth of view, particle effects such as leaves and fire flies, and array of filters, options for facials expressions, title screens, music for short videos, and much more! Spectacular!

6 Optional Features

As mentioned in a previous point, Ghost of Tsushima has heavily influences from classic Samurai movies. As such there are options you can choose to enhance your experience in game. By opting for Japanese voice and English subtitles, it can add to the authenticity of the art of screen. Not only that but you can add the monochrome grainy display as though you were viewing a classic film. Definitely one for another playthrough!

7 A Fictional Story Based on Real Events

The story of Ghost of Tsushima depicts the Mongol invasion of Japan of the late 13th century. The developers have taken such historical events and crafted an engaging and immersive story. Wreathed in the flames of vengeance with a blood soaked blade, protagonist Jin Sakai is vying to protect the people of Tsushima. Whether by sticking to honourable traditions or by casting them aside to embody death on the wind. Take back the island one step, one sword swing, one kill at a time!

And that is your lot. What are your thoughts on the upcoming Ghost of Tsushima by developer Sucker Punch? What are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below. You can find the full PlayStation State of Play video here. The game will release on July 17th 2020 for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and guides. until next time, smile and game!