The famous scientist Albert Einstein once stated that the only source of knowledge is experience. This idea is subverted in Quote, the latest video game from Vindit, which is currently in Early Access development at their studio based in London for release via Steam. Quote is an isometric action RPG video game which takes its graphical inspiration from surrealist artists such as Hieronymus Bosch, and legendary film directors such as Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro.

Many years before the game’s story begins, the world’s knowledge was eliminated by Bliss, the God of Ignorance. In the present day, Bliss has reawakened to discover that knowledge has returned to the world thanks to the efforts of creative individuals and the other gods. Eager to rebuild his idea of a utopia, Bliss corrupts a young heroine named Novella by making her his devoted priestess. After partnering her with Tatters, a bird like being with the head of a Venus fly trap, Bliss sends her to fulfil his mission to bring ignorance to the land.

From a graphical perspective, Quote has a distinctly gothic atmosphere that would feel at home in a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. On a further note, the game world is littered with various objects from throughout human history such as ink bottles, magnifying glasses and literal skeleton keys, all of which have half of a famous quotation attributed to them. By collecting these items and pairing them with another item or a door, in a similar fashion to the Kinstones from The Legend of Zelda – The Minish Cap, you can then form the complete quote. With this well implemented mechanic, you then complete a side quest, or unlock the next available dungeon. A few of the graphical problems that I found during the first two chapters was that the text on the user interface did not seem to alter in size along with the game resolution, and that some of the dialogue windows and context sensitive icons did not appear as required, but hopefully these will be ironed out before the game is released later this year.