The Pokémon Sun and Moon meta has advanced leaps and bounds in such a short time. This was in part due to the release of Pokémon Bank giving player’s access to all Pokémon currently available rather than just what could be caught in Alola. But there is a Pokémon that has, since Sun and Moon’s release, stood the test of time and encompasses these games newest mechanic in an amusing way; that Pokémon is Porygon-Z.

This Virtual Pokémon was introduced in generation 4 as an evolution for the often forgotten Porygon2. Despite the intriguing design, Porygon-Z failed to stand out in any massive way in the Pokémon meta game, even in the highest of competitive or unusual formats from Smogon, until the most recent titles. This was thanks to the new Z-moves; part of me wants to believe this was deliberate, Porygon-Z is good with Z-moves? That’s so flavourful it HAS to be!