A brand new Pokémon game means lots of exploration and battles. While Pokémon GO showed us what it would be like to throw Pokeballs in real life, Pokémon Sun and Moon is one of the biggest updates to the series we have seen.

To make sure you are able to fill up that Pokédex with a number of new Pocket Monsters, we have put together a little guide which has our most useful tips, tricks and secrets for Pokémon Sun and Moon.


Make Use of the Elements

Scan QR Codes When You See Them

Keep an Eye Out for Shiny Pokémon

Collect Cells to Build Your Own Zygarde

Oricorio’s Different Forms Can Dominate Pokémon Battles

Pokémon Refresh and Giving Cuddles to Your Pokémon

Change the Time of the Day

Check Your EVs and IV's and Train Your Pokémon

Try the Wonder Trade For Pokémon You Might Not Have