When the PlayStation Vita first come out users were promised big named games and exciting new features such as using the vita system as a controller. However this vision shortly ended in disappointment with only a few games being released in the six months since release and features such as remote play being a massive bust.

Now however Sony have changed their tune and are looking to put more effort back into the console like they first promised. This comes as the Japanese firm recently cut its estimate of how many of the devices it expected to sell before March 2013.

There new features are being advertise to make the Vita seem like a console worth having.

  • Cross Play – allows players to get stuck into the action with up to three friends, enjoying the same hi-definition online experience regardless of whether playing on PS Vita or PS3.
  • Cross-Save – gives gamers the freedom to save their progress on PS3, and pick up on-the-move with PS Vita, or vice versa.
  • Cross-Buy – enables owners of PS3 and PS Vita to purchase a game for one platform and play on another for free, or at a discount. With game experiences being near identical across PS3 and PS Vita Cross-Buy delivers unmatched value for money.

Some of the first games which are Cross Buy compatible are some of Sony’s own games such as Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

If Cross Buy is not taking your fancy then you will also be able to download over 100 classic PlayStation titles which include Final Fantasy VII, Metal gear Solid and Resident Evil 2 from the PS Vita Store.

The first in a new line of games hopefully, KillZone is coming out for Vita which is a completely new KillZone experience, the new game features a new story where you will be thrown into a deadly firefight  where you will fight alongside the ISA and also the Helghast. There is not good or bad only the mission and the money.

The next update for the Vita will allow users to use the console as a controller, now we have heard this before when the Vita first came out but sadly only worked on a few arcade games. This time however it should have a wider scope of compatibility this is probably to counter the appeal of the new WiiU controller system.

Will the new updates to the Vita, the promise of better games both retail and downloadable change your view on buying one?