The wait for Persona 5 has been long and ardous since it’s initial announcement back in 2013. With the Japanese release date confirmed for September this year, it seems that our patience is finally being rewarded by ATLUS with a livestream that reveals footage from the beginning of Persona 5. This includes the full version of the introduction sequence shown in the first trailer, and the initial scenes that play when you load the game.

As if this weren’t enough, a host of new information regarding the game was released, each having their own separate countdown to when they would be announced to the gaming public. All the timers have now ended, so we can now reveal the exciting new information directly from ATLUS.

1. Persona 5 The Animation Trailer

2. The First TV Advert

3. Playable Demo Tour

4. Full Opening Sequence

The animation that was used in the first PV trailer for Persona 5 has been confirmed to be the official opening to game. Today, ATLUS released the final version of this video, which now features Futaba, Haru and Makoto, and the complete version the game’s theme song by Lyn Inaizumi.

5. Morgana's Transformation Ability

6. New Trailers For Co-Operation Characters

7. The First 17 Minutes Of The Game