If you have played any of the previous Persona titles before Persona 5, you will know that the Reaper is known as one of the toughest boss battles to complete. With it’s high offensive and defensive power, as well as attacks that can render multiple enemies at death’s door, this is one enemy that you should definitely not try to face until you are completely ready to do so.

Unless that is, you know of a way to literally cheat Death. In Persona 5, the Reaper has once again returned to rattle it’s chains throughout the dungeon areas that you will visit during the game. In the later months of Persona 5, there is a way to earn a multitude of experience points relatively quickly, as long as you are willing to stare the Reaper in the face, and are able to escape from battle relatively quickly. This method also unlocks the trophy that you will gain for defeating the Reaper, so if you want to earn the reward without cheating, I highly suggest that you do not perform this method. With the disclaimer out of the way, here is the method to cheat the Reaper for some pretty valuable spoils.

This article will be updated in the future to include English version screenshots of the game. Only the Japanese version of Persona 5 was available at the time of publication.

1. Preparations

2. Waiting For Death

3. Even Death Can Get Sick