OnRush is the newest title from Evolution Studios, the company that brought you Motorstorm and Driveclub. It is being published by British racing legends Codemasters, whose previous accolades should give you everything you need to know about the calibre of game that is on offer here. I spent some time with the beta of the game this previous weekend, to see if the development time of OnRush is reflected in this preview release.

The first thing that struck me as I loaded up the game is that OnRush is clearly a labour of love, having a clear sense of identity that Motorstorm also possessed. The menus are bright, stylish and lively and the soundtrack is perfect for the game’s environment, filled with upbeat heavy beat tracks that set the tone for your time in the game. Everything in OnRush has a distinct hyper style, with an entertaining core experience that thankfully that carries forward once you are in on the race track. In the same way that Motorstorm was off-roading at its finest, OnRush delivers chaotic but common-sense approach to track design. There are tight turns, bumps, bobbles and jumps aplenty, giving the racing a frantic and kinetic feel.