One of Nintendo’s largest shortcomings is their misunderstanding of their audience; this was proven by the Wii U, a console that played it way too safe and in the end became a sore spot for the company. Couple this with a misunderstanding of brands and a control scheme which, according to most, was not the best, you would be forgiven to be thinking that the Switch will go down the same route. I’ve even heard people write the console off already. Dead on arrival they have said.

The aspect of feel and play mean a lot to the average consumer of video games. Even if they do not realise it themselves it becomes a core part in their understanding of the titles they play and enjoy. People do not tend to engage in the same activities over and over if they get no joy from doing them. This is where the Wii U had to shine; its quality of game had to overshadow its own platform. A platform that was not considered for a western audience and ideals that did not fit outside of Japan. The Switch, however, rectifies this in a big way by almost taking the idea of E for everyone to the nth degree. Everyone gets a tablet. Everyone gets a motion compared to a button. Everyone gets a touch compared to a click. These areas are what made the Nintendo Wii the console it was and just look at how well that did.

With this all in mind then you can imagine my apprehension as I converged on London to attend the Nintendo Switch UK Event for a hands-on play of the 9th generation gaming console. Being a Nintendo fan for most of my life, tons of thoughts were flashing through my head; will this be it? Will this make consumers not look at Nintendo with the same eyes as they do now, filled with pity and nostalgia? Barring all of that, what did I want from it? What could I possibly see to stay these wild thoughts?

"The product itself is such a nice concept that when you get your hands on it, you can’t help but be a little in awe of it..."

"From Splatoon to Zelda, all the titles looked just as good as they did on the HD TV screens but in your hand..."

"...perhaps the best aspect of these controllers, and the biggest redemption for them, is the tech inside them."

"I have relatively large hands and I had no real issues with the Joycons..."