League of Legends, Dota 2 and Heroes of the Storm just to name a few have been big releases in the MOBA genre. Taking these titles into the Esports area also has just helped the games grow and turn into iconic titles. But there are gamers out there that are after something new and fresh in the genre. Something that takes away from the classic gameplay of having abilities tied to your number keys and going back and forth from your base to buy new equipment. If this is you then you may be interested in this new game from the same publishers as Guild Wars 2. Introducing Master x Master, a new action orientated MOBA that we believe is a breath of fresh air.

Releasing in the latter half of this year, MxM is another title coming over from a successful release over in the Asian market. The game mixes things up in the genre with full control of your masters with the WASD keys rather than clicking on screen. On top of this your usual ability set ups are changed to a more straight forward series of skills which differ from character to character. Everyone has a standard attack and an evasive move which are placed on the right and left clicks of the mouse. The regular attacks differ in range depending on the masters individual weapon skills, but they all share a similar system with heat. Attacking too much will leave you unable to hit with your left clicks for a short period of time which could result in your demise. This then introduces a new strategic input for you to keep in mind as you enter 1v1 and big team fights.