In the last few years, the point and click adventure genre has returned in full force, with titles such as the Deponia tetralogy, The Book of Unwritten Tales and The Blackwell Legacy winning both public and critical acclaim. Currently in development by the newly established team at Pewter Games, The Little Acre is definitely on track to be included amongst these modern legends, provided that a few minor issues are dealt with before the launch next month.

Set in a fictional Irish town in the early 1950’s, The Little Acre focuses on a young man named Aiden and his daughter Lily. After the tragic loss of Aiden’s wife, the family are living together with Aiden’s father Arthur, until he disappears one day without a trace. After tinkering around with some of his inventions, both Aiden and Lily are shrunken down and transported to a mystical world, where they must find a way to get home and reunite with their beloved patriarch.

The graphical style of The Little Acre is very similar to that used in Deponia, which in itself is a reference to many of the projects created by ex Disney animator Don Bluth, such as An American Tail, Dragon’s Lair; All Dogs Go to Heaven and Thumbelina. Whether you are on Earth or in the mythology inspired other world, each background is colourful and full of life, and the smooth animation endears me further to the characters, particularly the long suffering family dog Dougal, who tries several times to protect Lily from her own sense of curiosity.