I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one; Breath of the Wild is an astounding game. Right off the bat, the game itself looks gorgeous during gameplay. Its almost oil painting aesthetic is a joy on the eyes regardless of what you are doing in game and there seems to be a LOT to do in this game. The scope of Breath of the Wild is massive; when it was revealed some folks online made the joke that it was Skyrim Zelda. After playing it, that analogy isn’t that far off.

From what I got to explore, the world is rich and filled with lots of things to do regardless of what avenues you decide to explore. This is mostly in part to the maneuverability that Link now has. A jump button is an odd feeling in a Zelda title but it and the ability to climb pretty much everything you can see opens up every area you decide to explore to the extreme. While playing, I climbed to the top of a ruined temple. Then kept going. And kept going, right until Link was hanging off the top spire of the whole structure! It was there I met a Deku who not only gave me a collectible item, but revealed a chest that contained bomb arrows. BOMB ARROWS. You can imagine how fun I thought the rest of my playthrough was going to be then. This design mentality is refreshing for the Zelda series and seems to be focused on rewarding those who think outside of the box; a feature that more games should have. I can only hope that this is reflected in the dungeons and other areas of the world.

Speaking of Link’s control, he moves well within the game world but his dash feature became an annoyance after a while. Link ran out of stamina FAST, so much so that dashing felt impractical when compared to just jogging. This is weird as it felt like he had more stamina when climbing and jumping than running. I hope that this is something that can perhaps be upgraded later on or at least mitigated in some way. We have seen link ride a horse (maybe Epona?) in trailers and the demo did contain a fast travel ability from the get go so maybe it won’t be as irritating.

"...the game itself looks gorgeous during gameplay. Its almost oil painting aesthetic is a joy on the eyes..."

"My time with Breath of the Wild was a short one, but it was a lovely experience..."