Welcome Paleontologists. The discoveries from Frontier Developments are coming thick and fast. Dinosaurs of startling varieties are coming to light. Join us as we share the 5 Dinos we are looking forward to adding to our park when Jurassic World Evolution hits stores June 12th.


First up on our list is the humongous herbivore, Brachiosaurus. With its incredibly long neck, the Brachiosaurus was able to reach to highest of branches for food. Reaching a staggering 50+ feet in some cases, this majestic giant was one of the biggest Dinosaurs to ever hit land. More impressively, this long necked lizard could weight around 25 tons, which is over 25,000 kilograms! Wouldn’t want one of those lying down on your car. In Jurassic World Evolution, incubating such huge and magnificent beasts are sure to attract visitors. It will be great to admire the sheer amount of detail placed on such a big canvas such as the Brachiosaurus. They will pair very well with any herbivore you place into the enclosure with it.


Speaking of other Herbivores, let’s talk about the Chasmosaurus. This dino is very similar to the well loved and recognisable Triceratops. From the three, albeit smaller, horns on its head and the frill to the plant munching beak, this medium sized lizard is a sight to behold. Weighing in at a modest 2,000 kilograms estimate and just under 5 meters in length, it will be nice to have a handful of Chasmosaurus in your park. It will be especially wonderful to see the skin patterns and how it will change the colours of the frills.


Moving onto the ferocious carnivores, bringing a Spinosaurus into the park will definitely spike the excitement factor. Although a Cretaceous dinosaur, rather than  one from the Jurassic period, this beast has been described to rival the mighty T-Rex. Hunting both aquatic and terrestrial prey alike, a mixed environment will provide a thrilling experience. With its large fin/sail upon its back, it will be interesting to see if the spiny lizard will take a dip in the water and act like a reptile version of a shark. Either way, heads will turn with this monster. Especially if it gets loose.


Another predator made famous by the Jurassic movies, the Velociraptor makes the list. Albeit a creature that has had changes to its base genome, the increase in size and intelligence are a welcome attraction to any park. That is, so long as they don’t get out. If they do, the visitors get to experiences the hunt first hand. Hopefully, any patronage can view at a safe distance as they roam around in pacts within their enclosure. It is hard not to get excited to see the “Raptor” when the game launches. It’s a movie fueled classic.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Last, but not least, the king himself the Tyrannosaurus Rex! It is hard not to make a list such as this and not include the poster beast of the entire series. With its intimidating size, fierce jaws, and indomitable lust to eat anything it regards as a snack, this carnivore will be a sought after attraction. It will most likely be a late game unlock. But, my my will it be worth it. Clocking in at around 12 meters long and 14 tons (14,000 kilograms), this heavyweight champion will rake in big bucks. This is provided that you can provide a big and secure enclosure! Don’t want the visitors to become snacks on legs now do we?

And that is all from us this time. What dinosaurs are you looking forward to seeing in Jurassic Park Evolution? Leave a comment below and let us know. The game releases on June 12th 2018. If you haven’t done so already, please check out our article on what we know so far. Until next time, smile and game.