It’s a sad fact of the gaming industry that not all games make it to the end of the development cycle. Sometimes the money runs out, sometimes the developers face serious technical issues that can’t be overcome and sometimes everybody involved makes terrible decisions at every possible turn. Prey 2 isn’t going to happen and that leaves me with a great emptiness inside, whilst the recent cancelling of Star Wars 1313 is sure to have cut deep into the hearts of many a Star Wars fan. Then, there are the other games, titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines and Duke Nukem Forever which certainly should have died in development hell rather than limping over the finish line only to vomit all over their own shoes and pass out.

Here is our list of games that aren’t coming out, no matter how much we cry about it on forums. To qualify for this list the game has to have been officially announced and subsequently not released or cancelled.

Half Life 3/ Half Life 2: Episode 3


Phantom Dust

Deep Down