God’s Trigger is the latest game to be announced by Techland developers of Dying Light and Call of Juarez. We sat down with one of the developers who explained the game and then there was a 15-minute demo with 50 deaths.

Adrenaline filled carnage is one way to describe God’s Trigger as enemies with melee weapons sprint across a bar to smash you into bloody pieces. Everything is so fast that you sometimes are able to see bullets litter the screen in between enemies swarming around you just before you die. It is reminiscent of the bullet hell games but from a top down perspective with a Hotline Miami theme spun throughout.

Playing with a partner you get thrown into the bar in slow motion which gives you a few extra seconds to react to your new surroundings. Guitar fills the background as you work out what to do by smashing enemies with your melee attacks and depending on your character Harry or Judy changes how you fight. Harry is an angelic warrior with a sword while Judy is a demoness with a chain that each excel at either close range or long range.