A game that probably needs to have a watershed, Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- was designed purely for Japanese anime and gaming fans who have played games like Senran Kagura (it’s made by the same people), with its big bosom females wearing very little. The story behind the title see some girls having the power to turn into weapons after becoming infected with a virus and being with an Extar or Liberator.

If you are a Extar, you are able to turn into a powerful weapon but the catch, you need help from your Liberator and this is where things get interesting. As a Liberator to control your Extar, you need to basically get her off and pleasure her until she is sexually aroused and transforms into a weapon. The closer your relationship with your Extar and the more you are able to get her off, the better and more powerful a weapon she becomes.

The gameplay for Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- is quite common for Japanese games of this type of Hack N Slash, each map is mission based and you are tasked to complete the mission by objectives. Each map is split into zones and monsters can spawn into the zone which you must defeat to move onto the next stage, Devil May Cry had a similar concept but with much less sexiness and young big boobed anime girls. There is in total 28 different missions to undertake, each with their own objectives and areas to explore.

During the mission I tried, I was pounced upon by another pair of Extar and Liberator and were forced to fight them. Each pairing makes a different weapon combination, the characters I played as turned into a bow and arrow, while the enemy had the usual 2 handed sword combination. In Valkyrie Drive -Bhikkhuni- there are 7 different characters to play as, each paring have your typical anime arc personality types and pairs create a different weapon. Along with each weapon there are different stages, if your relationship is good and the more you turn on your Extar, the bigger and better the weapon gets. I was told that there are up to 15 different stages for each weapon, which is a lot of times you can get it on with your Extar.