“LET’S FUCKING DO THIS!” is the bloodcurdling battlecry I’m greeted with as the controller is placed in my hands. I’m sat in a small booth behind closed doors at Gamescom 2016 having a go at Tormentor x Punisher, the upcoming game from Joonas Turner, one of the guys behind Nuclear Throne. Other than seeming utterly batshit crazy, the announcement trailer didn’t really clue me in to what the game is about, you can watch it below but I’ll assume you won’t take away much either other than it obviously needing an 18+ rating.

Think Hotline Miami meets Geometry Wars. It’s a top down arena shooter, where you’re slaying an endless onslaught of demons until you meet your untimely demise. Progress is simply measured by your score of how many enemies you can slaughter, although the version I played is very early in development and David, the representative from Raw Fury Games who are the guys publishing TxP, mentioned there may be some form of progression added later on. Though don’t expect anything with the depth of a title like The Binding of Isaac; they want to keep TxP much simpler and more accessible.