In the current overly saturated market of indie two dimensional platformers, they have to be really special to stand out and make themselves known. Ori and the Blind Forest is one that comes to mind, while Shovel Knight is another. Mekazoo could well be another addition to the list.

Set in a gorgeous, vibrant universe, players control a range of Mekanimals; a frog, armadillo, wallaby, panda and pelican make up the exotic roster. At any one point you have two Mekanimals at your disposal, with the ability to transform at the press of a button to utilise each Mekanimal’s ability. Playing as the armadillo means you can curl into a ball and shoot up slopes Sonic style, while the wallaby has the power to wallbounce and ground pound. The frog has a long tongue that can attach to poles and swing from, while the panda can scale walls with its sharp claws and destroy any mechanical foes that dare to interfere. Last but not least the pelican has an elegant glide combined with boosters that decimate enemies and chain from one to the next. Transforming between the different creatures feels smooth, with the power to do it in mid-air and reach ledges and heights impossible without specific combinations.