Drone racing is one of the latest sports to gain popularity and it doesn’t seem to have any danger of falling off, given the amount of new and improved drones constantly hitting the market. LuGus Studios have tapped this new market early by creating the world’s first commercial drone racing simulator called Liftoff. Currently in Steam Early Access, players are tasked with racing the drone around various realistic courses and stadiums ranging in difficulty. I had the opportunity to sit down with two of the devs at Gamescom 2016 to try it out and ask them a few questions.

One of the first things the guys said to me before letting me take control is that I will crash and that it’s incredibly realistic, therefore very difficult. Actual professional drone racers use Liftoff to hone their skills without the risk of physical and financial damage, which shows just how true it is to the real experience. It’s also a considerably smaller investment for bidding racers, with a £14.99 price tag compared to the hundreds of pounds a decent quadcopter could set you back in real life.