The MOBA and RTS market have become quite inseparable but a lot of games recently have taken on the role of becoming a MOBA with some ‘RTS elements’, taking away from the original strategy of RTS titles and the nuances within them. DropZone developed by SparkyPants and published by GameForge attempts to go back to RTS roots and does not try to angle itself as a MOBA.

In DropZone you control three characters at the sametime and are able to build out your squad in any way you choose from a roster of six different Pilots. Each Pilot has its different role on the battlefield, acting as a tank, healer, damage dealer, support and a couple others.

Once you have selected your squad and your opponent has done the same, DropZone is a 1 v 1 match type (with a 2v2 match announced at Gamescom) with the overall goal of trying to score more points that your rival team. Points can be scored by taking monsters on the map and collecting cores from their corpses. Once collected, you can send your Pilots to the dropzone to “slam dunk/upload” them into your Uplink. The developers have chosen this familiar scoring system to make it easier to understand, and at the same time try to be more accessible to people who might not get eSports or complex RTS games but understand general sports mechanics.