Almost everyone that has played a video game since their original conception will have imagined what it would be like to create a game based on an established franchise. Whether it would be the exploits of a lead character as he works day shifts at the local tavern, creating a racing game that has the cast as playable characters or even re-imagining the entire story in the favour of the enemies, the possibilities of a fan game are as numerous as they are worthy to be developed in their own right.

The sole barrier stopping this activity is copyright. Whether we like it or not, profiting from someone else’s work without their permission will most certainly land you in trouble. However, many games have been made with the intention of being available for free. While this is just as legally suspect as charging for the product, many developers choose to let these projects slip under the radar, as long as they don’t damage the franchise by misusing the characters, or impede on a project that they are currently working on themselves.

With that being said, we have found five of the most celebrated or widely known fan games currently available, and the current status of their availability through the Internet.

Streets of Rage Remake

Sonic Robo Blast 2

Final Fantasy VII Reimagined

The Silver Lining

Chrono Resurrection