Considering that Microsoft’s Xbox brand is one the big juggernauts of gaming, it seems that few people cast their minds back to where it all began. Competing with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Nintendo’s criminally under-appreciated GameCube, the original Xbox was the award middle child of that generations consoles. It bolstered innovative features like an internal hard-drive and had a lot more graphical power than any of its contemporaries. The system also had some very impressive games that slipped under the radar due to the consoles limited success, so I’m here to present you with five great games that aren’t so widely remembered these days.

5. Blinx: The Time Sweeper

4. Jade Empire

3. Call of Cthulu: Dark Corners of the Earth

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

1. Stubbs the Zombie: Rebel Without a Pulse