Designing a game is a lot of work, this is a fact. Even the simplest of games have a fair about of design put into them, so you can imagine the scale of how much work there is put into AAA games. You are not even safe after your game is completed; patches, updates and DLC are everywhere these days, which means more work, more time and more problems. Games genres like MOBA’s are notorious for this; characters in these games are always being added and changed. Of course, over time, characters will need to be reworked and none needed a do over like Murky did.

For those of you who may not know a lot about Heroes of the Storm, Blizzards answer to League of Legends, the core attraction of the game is that it is a MOBA which draws from Blizzards intellectual properties for the Heroes they include in the game. This also applies for the lore if you are into that sort of thing. Of course, one of these properties is the ever present MMO World of Warcraft and this is where Murky comes into things.

"Murky is the main reason I started playing Heroes of the Storm..."

" grab a hold of Diablo, the Lord of Terror, and beat him to death with a SHARK."

"Murky’s core design, which not only bent the rules of traditional character creation but also design methodology, has remained steadfast..."

"Octo-Grab is still a fine pick, but the new level 20 version of March of the Murlocs trumps it in cuteness and potential damage output..."