Fallout Shelter is available now both on Apple iOS and Android but without any beginner tips and tricks you could wind up in trouble. The game might seem easy but it’s a careful balance of resources, people management and trekking into the wasteland. Get it wrong and you can find yourself without enough food, energy or water for your dwellers, which can cause radiation sickness, unhappiness and rooms being shut down.

Even worse, you could be up against raiders and god forbid, Deathclaws which will rip through the vault door of your poorly managed, poorly equipped dwellers and kill every last one. We have 10 tips and tricks for you to help with your starting struggle as overseer.

10. Power, water and food are important rooms


At the start of the game you want to be focusing just on keeping your dwellers happy. To do this you need to right amount of Cafeterias, Water Treatment and Power Generator rooms. The latter being the most important, if you do not have enough power for all the rooms in your vault then some will shut off and not produce any resources for you.

9. Build the same rooms next to each other

8. Assign dwellers to the correct rooms

7. Remember your vault objectives

6. Rush at the right percentages

Armour can help increase a dweller's SPECIAL stat to help in resource rooms or in the wasteland.

4. Wastelands are better in later stages of the game

3. Babies are good for population growth

2. Send dwellers to other rooms to help in incidents

1. Plan your time away from Fallout Shelter