Fallout 4: Nuka World turns the player into a wasteland scavenger with the quest Cappy in a Haystack, track down the secret locations of each cappy letter and unlock the secret to John Bradberton.

If you have not received the quest you can start it by talking to the blonde-haired women, Sierra, in the full on Nuka-Cola attire standing near Fizztop Mountain in Nuka-Town USA. As you leave Cola Cars it is on your way to the FizzTop Grill, she’ll be chatting to a raider. You will have needed to already completed the opening mission in the Gauntlet to access the area.

Once you speak to Sierra about her love for everything Nuka-Cola, you’ll receive a special pair of glasses which you’ll need to equip to record the hidden cappy. You will be able to see some part of the cappy without the glasses on, so you won’t need to sacrifice your power armour head as you wander the park.

When you activate the quest, your map will show the usual pinpoints on the map, up until you are about 50 metres close where they will disappear. From this point on, you are meant to dive into the halotape and read the clues for the exact location.

To make your adventure a lot easier, we have outlined below each hidden location for the cappy letters by zone for you to find.

Nuka-Town USA Hidden Cappy Locations

Kiddy Kingdom Hidden Cappy Locations

Galactic Zone Hidden Cappy Locations

Dry Rock Gulch Hidden Cappy Locations

Safari Zone Hidden Cappy Locations

Nuka-Cola Bottling Plant Hidden Cappy Locations