Much like the first title, The Evil Within 2 has solid foundations in the survival horror genre which usually means, little ammo, little resources and enemies you have to strategically take out. For newcomers to series or even the genre, getting used to resource management and different combat styles including stealth can be tough.

The help you with the different challenges you’ll face in The Evil Within 2, we have put together a number of tips and tricks to help you navigate around the town of Union. If you have yet to play the horror title, check out what we thought about it in our Evil Within 2 review.

The Evil Within 2 was released on Friday the 13th October 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Find Collectibles, Hunt Collectibles, Never Stop Collecting

Break all the wooden boxes

Nothing is lost by running away to fight another battle.

Keep an eye on your surroundings, enemies could be lurking

Punch the life out of vending machines

Don't be afraid to explore your surroundings.

Aim your gun as you open doors

Bottle break skill is your lifesaving friend

Quick turn can help you escape in a pinch

Use the environment to do damage to your enemies