With the released of gunfight dungeon crawler Enter the Gungeon, prospective Gungeoneers will soon be facing the terrors found within its many chambers. As someone who has been exploring the depths for a long while now, here are some useful tips, tricks and bits of information that should make your excursions into the depths that little bit easier.

This guide is by no means exhaustive, as dedicated explorers will soon be at work to discover every last little secret found within the walls of the crypt but it should point you in the right direction. For more information about Enter the Gungeon as fans crack the game open and discover all its secrets, check out Gungeeoners, the official wiki site for the latest discoveries and information.

1. Stop, drop and roll.

2. If it looks suspicious, it’s hiding something.

3. Never trust a chest.

4. Demonic shrines and you.

5. Buy your friends.

6. Guns don’t kill Time, bullets do.

7. Have some trigger discipline.

8. Keep your personal belongings on you at all times.

9. Disrespect your surroundings.