Elex is a game where any beginner or new starter is going to struggle to get to grips with how relentless the world can be. One of the biggest issues is the time it takes to get into the swing of things, navigating menus, understanding the map and getting to grips with the hardened combat.

Like other open world RPGs such as Fallout 4 or Skyrim, there are certain features and gameplay elements that you need to understand to make the game a little easier. If you keep thinking “Why am I so weak in Elex”, “How do I become a berserker in Eelx” then this guide might give some answers.

Save your game often.

The whole world in Magalan is a bloody difficult one and it is not always that obvious what monsters you can attack and survive and what ones you can’t. In the first few hours of the game you will die over and over, so saving the game will stop you from losing progress.

There’s a quick save option by opening up the pause menu or you can use the save menu.

Collect herbs, mugs and everything you see

You don’t have any weight restrictions in Elex, so anything you find you can fill your pockets with and just keep on going. This means that anything you come across you should be stored in your inventory to sell, craft or use.

Collecting a load of cutlery, mugs and other useless items are great for getting some money in the starting hours of the game.

Opening the inventory or pause menu does not pause the game.

Something you have probably found out already is opening any sort of menu does not pause the game. This means that changing your weapon mid-fight is not really a good idea and also rooting through your inventory for that mana potion requires some distance or elevation before you do.

Use your jetpack.

From the last point, using your jetpack is an invaluable way of gaining some breathing space from enemies (be careful most can still attack with range) or allows you to explore the world a lot quicker.

One of the most useful functions of the jetpack is to soften your landing, jumping off a high cliff can speed up your travel time. It’s also useful to get in the habit of pushing those jets everytime you fall off something, Jax is not very hardy when it comes to even short distances.

Use your quick slots

Again with not being able to pause the game, it is important you always have your weapons and utility items or health items available at any given moment. This is even more important when the world still moves around you when you are in a menu, this can be the difference between life and death most of the time.

Look out for blue teleportation rigs

As you explore the world, you will come across old technology which looks like a platform with a lot of blue lights around it. These are your quickest way of travelling long distances and of course the safest.

To unlock a teleporter you actually need to stand in it, they also don’t show up on the map until you have done so. This means you need to keep your eyes peeled for any you see and even if it means dying, run to it.

Running is also a valid tool.

Speaking of running, sometimes it is the best option as even on the Easy setting, Elex can still be very hard. When you are up against a group of enemies or just one really tough one, running away or flying away on your jetpack is just a viable as trying to take it down.

Steal when no one is around.

Unlike games like Fallout, there is no indication of when someone is watching you, other than when they are in your line of sight or they say “I am watching you”. This means that if you see an item with forbidden next to it…don’t steal it while there is someone around.

If you do, then be prepared to have the whole of the NPCs around you start to attack and if you are in a populated area it normally means instant death or a fine.

Regain health with plants or food.

You do have health potions but these should be kept for when in dire need, although raster regeneration they are harder to find or brew.

Food, drink or plants, on the other hand, are in abundance and if you kill creatures usually they will give you some meat that you can cook and eat. Food and water take longer to bring your health up but they can be stacked meaning you can eat a bunch and then wait or dodge in your are in combat.

Sleep when you can.

If you are low on health and around a sleeping bag (which are surprisingly common) or bed you can sleep in them to fully regain all of your health. You don’t need to worry about stealing someone else’s bed as in Elex, none is that fussy.

Travel with a companion

The world is a harsh place and facing monsters is touch, think Witcher 3/Dark Souls. You need to time your attacks, watch your stamina and be careful not to draw to much attention at once. This is a lot easier when you have an NPC become your meat shield and take a lot of the damage you would have received.

They also won’t die, well not permanently. After their health hits zero they will “pass out” and drop to the floor, it will take a few seconds but they will pick themselves back up. You need to watch out though as they will regain health again bit by bit, so some monsters can loop kill them.