You may have noticed that during the weekly reset that this week’s Nightfall was labeled as Exodus Crash, and now it has mysteriously switched over to Pyramidion. Supposedly players were experiencing issues with Exodus Crash so shortly after launch, Bungie changed the Nightfall to Pyramidion. While this seems to have affected a minor amount of players, it is thoughtful of Bungie to negate the issue before it spread. So now, we’ll cover what is new in this week’s Nightfall.

As usual, you have the option between the normal Nightfall and the Prestige Nightfall. In case you are part of the .05% of people who found Nightfalls to be too easy on their own, Prestige is a way to truly show you a challenge. Enemies are stronger, more tactical, and you have even less time than before. With the Zero Hour modifier on this Nightfall, the Prestige mode will be a truly difficult challenge.