Dear Konami,

We’re a small site and we can only do what we do here with the support of the large video game publishers who send us review copies of games early, provide us with press resources and the like. Konami are one such company who we have been lucky enough to work with over the few years since we launched, not only for their video game content but also on their trading card game Yu-Gi-Oh. So please Konami, understand the magnitude of your actions which have led to this moment when I say this.

Fuck off Konami. Just fuck off, please.

I fear no reprisal from Konami for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has become abundantly clear that Konami won’t be making games any more, at least nothing of value and we aren’t in the pachinko machine reviewing business. Secondly, Konami has built up such ill will with this move that really at this point, the games press is going to start blacklisting them, not the other way around. Finally, really this has just been a long time coming and whilst we truly appreciate the support of developers and publishers, we will not keep quiet when their actions are so horrendous just for the chance to get a few games early to review.

The Konami gamers know and love is dead, the beast before us is merely an imposter wearing the skin of a once proud publisher and developer. They are leaving triple A game development and much like the USSR they are enacting a policy of scorched earth, destroying all that we once held dear about them as they back away from gaming. Am I angry that Konami have decided to concentrate on other business ventures? No, it’s their business and if they are seeing better profits in other divisions, that is up to them. Am I angry that they cancelled Silent Hills? Somewhat, given that the project had been green-lit, announced and development had begun before they unceremoniously dumped it. Am I angry at their shameful treatment of Hideo Kojima, an industry legend who has poured his heart and soul into crafting games under the Konami banner for almost 30 years? Too fucking right I am.

Konami’s decisions come from nothing more than petty spite. They are furious that Kojima, the artistic vision behind Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is actually the one receiving credit for its accolades rather than them, the bankrollers. So rather than let Cinderella go to the ball, they have locked her up in the basement and sent the ugly sisters instead (sorry Kiefer, I love you but I love this analogy more). Metal Gear Solid was nominated for several awards at last night’s Game Awards and after making preparations to attend the ceremony, Konami decided to instead threaten Kojima with legal action if he were to attend. As an aside, I must convey my undying respect to Geoff Keighley for throwing Konami under the bus and revealing this to us live during the Game Awards ceremony. I’ve always had respect for the Doritos Pope and the fantastic work he does for the gaming industry, both as a journalist and as a representative but this goes above and beyond.

This is just the latest in a long line of horrific news coming from the world of Konami, but whilst the rest can be put down to bad business sense and plain old stupidity, Konami’s actions regarding Hideo Kojima come only from a place of petty, spiteful hate.

To all of the hard working staff within Konami’s development teams and throughout the company, I can only offer my sincerest condolences that you work for what is basically a Bond villain company at this point. We have had nothing but pleasant dealings with Konami representatives, but their leadership has clearly descended into madness. So just go, make your Pachinko machines. I’m happy for you, really I am. But please stop burning down the entire gaming legacy that you have built up over the last few decades.

Yours sincerely,

Ian Stokes


P.s. Congratulations to Hideo Kojima for his accomplishments and his awards at last night’s Game Awards.

P.p.s All hail the Doritos Pope (Much love though Keighley, it took serious balls and we thank you for it).