Note – This preview of Clive N Wrench is based on the latest alpha build of the game which has been kindly provided by the developer. It does not represent the quality of the final product, which will be reviewed when the development of the game has reached its completion.

As the indie scene has grown and progressed, certain genres have been given a rise in popularity, such as 2D 8-Bit platformers and point and click adventure games. This trend has now moved forward to 3D platformers, with games such as A Hat in Time and Yooka Laylee proving that there is still significant interest for the run and jump antics of various types of characters. One of these new projects is named Clive N Wrench, with its current development cycle being funded entirely through Patreon.

Clive N Wrench is currently in production by a small studio named Dinosaur Bytes. It follows the journey of a rabbit and monkey buddy duo as they attempt to stop the machinations of an evil time travelling lagomorphic scientist named Dr Daucus. Using a time machine in the shape of a fridge, they must put right what has gone wrong and make the long leap home. If you think the puns are limited only to the names of the characters, you will be in for a delightful surprise. From humorous place names to visual slapstick gags during cutscenes, it is clear that Dinosaur Bytes have been working on the fundamentals and gameplay mechanics in equal measure.