Growing up I played two specific games that were way above my age range, the type of titles you would brag about with your friends as you got an odd hour or so to sneakily play it before your parents found out. One of these titles was Carmageddon, a reckless trip involving cars and gratuitous amounts of mayhem. Nothing had my blood pumping quite like driving through cities and mowing down grandmas crossing the road. Now we are at the 20th anniversary of the game and Carmageddon: Max Damage is on the way. After being invited to try it out before release, how does the most malicious motor sport feel?

Members of the original development team are back and working on this title after the acquisition of the IP from Square Enix. Carmageddon succeeded in a Kickstarter campaign to originally bring it back to the PC. Now, after working on the title constantly and adding more content, the game is looking for a full retail and digital release on PS4 and Xbox One. It will be priced at £29.99 and come with a pre-order exclusive of two unique vehicles with two skins each equalling to four skins. Great to see that the humour of the original title is still abundant, even in the DLC.