There are many MMOs to get your hands on, but sometimes you feel like you need something fresh and new to spark interest. Blade & Soul has done that for us as we have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of this title since its start in Korea back in 2012. This martial arts based MMO combines RPG elements with fast and fluent combo based gameplay which takes you on an adventure around a new vibrant and oriental styled world. The closed beta tests in the US and EU regions have been a big success and now everyone can try out the game for themselves. But what is there in Blade & Soul?

Free-To-Play as of January 19th, Blade & Soul will allow you to make your custom character in a set universe. If you are worried about someone stealing your go to name in these titles then you may have a good chance of keeping your this time around. This is down to how the universes work side by side of one another. These are split between regions such as US, EU and Asia. Your name is specifically tied to that universe so technically you will only find one ‘NarutoBoy2K16’ on each server. You will be abkle to participate in two epic level dungeons at launch as well as max out your character at level forty five. As for you PvP players out there, you will also be able to take on your fellow gamers in either 1v1 or 3v3 combat.