It’s the second day of Amazon’s Prima Day 2019 and there’s still a lot of different deals coming in across a range of their products for the shopper looking for a bargain.

Customers have looked at a range of categories so far from food, make-up and video games with technology being up there as one of the most popular. Top selling items ranged from PlayStations to Cordless Drills and the deals are still coming in for the second but final day of huge savings.

Today have thousands of more deals of the day which will last up until the end of the sale at Midnight tonight. Prime members are also able to get 20% extra off warehouse deals on items which have been previously opened.

If you are also looking for a deal on your Prime membership then now is no better time to upgrade to the yearly membership as they’ve slashed the prices to just £59. Hurry though as it only lasts for today.

Best Amazon Prime Day deals for 2019