The Banner Saga 3 will be the darkest chapter of the story so far.

The good people over at Stoic Entertainment are at it again, bringing us the third and final chapter in their Norse-inspired epic The Banner Saga. We had the chance to visit them over the Rezzed weekend and see some of their early progress on the title whilst talking to Technical Director John Watson and Producer Zeb West.

The guys set the scene for me, explaining the tone that they’re aiming for with this final entry. The Banner Saga 3 will see players return to warped versions of familiar territories such as the city of Strand, the starting point for the whole adventure. Here the darkness has taken over and twisted the once great halls. Indeed, the game’s opening battle takes place in the mead house of Strand, where you fought your first battle in the original Banner Saga, bringing an odd sense of symmetry to affairs.

Darkness has covered the world, warping once familiar places into barely recognisable hellscapes, Juno protects the party, shielding the party with a shroud of light as they push into the darkness to stop the apocalypse. Juno’s party is a much smaller group than players will be used to, so you won’t be concerned with managing their supplies or the strength of the caravan. Instead, the supply counter you see on screen will be those of the last bastion of men and Varl, holding out in the walled city of Arberrang. Your party will need to press on to stop the darkness before the last surviving city is overrun or starved out by the twisted onslaught of the darkness. Much like in the previous titles in the series, the player’s perspective will shift between multiple groups, switching between Juno’s mission into the darkness and Ivor’s last stand at Arberrang.