The tournament cycle is beginning to start up for 2016. The EVO games have been announced, Street Fighter V is on the horizon and players new and old are hoping that this year may be the year that they will finally git gud. So, in my infinite wisdom as a possibly above average player at a game that is not considered a traditional fighter, I am going to give you some tips on your path to gitting gud at fighting games. You aren’t going to become ZeRo or Daigo after instantly reading this guide, but this may put you on the path to possibly becoming a better player. Also, by putting this out there, I will be forced to actually follow my own advice, so everybody wins.


1. Take notes and learn as much as possible about your game

2. Watch your own replays, as well as other people’s

3. Make the most out of Training Mode

4. Practice on real opponents

5. Don’t stick with the same training partner all the time

6. Go to tournaments

7. Pick a top tier