Father Christmas may be rappelling down your chimney on Christmas Day, with a copy of Rainbow Six Siege in hand to give to all those boys and girls who always dreamed of becoming a member of a counter-terrorism unit. Siege is not your average twitch shooter mind you, as going in guns blazing will definitely get you shot to pieces and have your team screaming down your ear. So, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help make you entry into the world of Siege as smooth as possible. You’ll be saving hostages and disarming bombs in no time.

1. Play with a headset

If you are not playing Rainbow Six Siege with a decent headset, you are already at a distinct disadvantage. The sound design in Siege is brilliant, so having a good pair of headphones is essential so you can hear a breaching charge being placed or a hostile creeping down the corridor a floor above you. On certain maps like the SAS training house, you can hear movement on every floor by entering from the shooting range so prick up your ears to listen out for traps and enemy movement. Being active on the mic will also improve your win rate massively, as being in constant communication with your team is vital for effective attack and defence. This is not like CoD, trying to be a lone wolf will get you killed by a team who is communicating and spotting potential threats. Playing with a squad that talks gets you more wins, but generally makes the Siege experience that much more enjoyable, as most mic’d players are paragons of politeness compared to your typical shooter fan.

2. Look before you shoot

There has been equal effort into making distinct visual cues for many of the traps you will encounter in Siege. Kapkan’s tripwires always have a nail poking out from the wall from which they’re placed against, fortified walls will spark if Bandit has placed a shock trap near them and cameras will light up if they are currently in use. Always make sure an area is clear before you storm it and take out as many cameras or drones as you can. Limiting enemy sight is as effective as putting eyes everywhere, so watch for any glowing drones when you are the last man left.

3. Master the drone