The harsh wilderness of Horizon: Zero Dawn can be a daunting place to visit in the beginning. From the opening moments of the game, it’s clear that you journey will be one fraught with challenge and struggle. We here at VGU want to make sure you get the most out of this truly sublime title, so we’ve compiled yet more tips and hints to help guide your journey so that it’s a little bit easier. 

We’ve already shared a few tips and tricks before, but Horizon is such a vast game with so much to learn and uncover that we felt that eight wasn’t enough. So without further ado, let’s get down to some machine hunting.

All Weapons are Useful

Practice Your Aim

Hunt for Tall Necks

Being Stylish Can (And Probably Will) Get You Killed

Crafting Can Lead to Quests

Find the Perfect Balance Between Stealth and Aggressive Combat

Running and Hiding During Combat is Not Cowardly, It’s Merely Changing One’s Strategy

Don’t Be Afraid to Explore