Halloween is here and that means only one thing. Horror, horror and more horror.

The Triple-A console market isn’t exactly awash with horror games but if you wade through the other big budget titles, you’ll find a bevy of scary gems for your beloved Playstation 4.

Just to clarify, P.T. will not be featured in this list as that game is no longer available on the Playstation Store. It’s a shame I know, as P.T. is a truly remarkable game but I don’t want to tease people with something they can’t possibly have. All the games featured in this list are either available on disc or download via the Playstation Store, most of which are at decent prices.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s get spooky, here’s our top 6 best horror games you’ll find on the PlayStation 4.

6. Until Dawn

5. Outlast

4. Among the Sleep

3. Resident Evil: Origins Collection

2. Neverending Nightmares

1. Alien: Isolation