Welcome back board game fans. Join us as we list off 5 wonderful board games you should play at Christmas. So wrap up warm, get some hot chocolate, and gather round the table. Let’s see what fun is to be had!


First up is Azul. Become a mosaic making master in this beautiful 2-4 player tile drafting game by Plan B Games. Each player takes turns claiming mosaic pieces from the production lines. Be the architect to please the Portuguese King and decorate his royal palace by crafting lines of tiles to score the most points. But, be careful not to make any excess or that will lose you points! A masterpiece 30-45 minute game that will elevate your collection. Not only that, but there are a plethora of excellent expansions to keep the fun flowing! You can also find our review here.


Another Plan B Games box of fun for you. This time with Century Golem Edition. 2-5 players compete against each other to master the crystal trade routes and the golems that come with them. In this 30-45 minute hand building economy game, you trade your way to the top by exchanging lovely coloured crystals turn after turn and work your way to trading for prized golems. Claim high valued ones and end with the most points to win. Just like Azul, Century Golem Edition also has a number of exciting expansions to sink your teeth into! You can also find our review here.

Terraforming Mars

Onto a critically acclaimed title by Stronghold Games next. Terraforming Mars is a 1-5 player game that tasks players with bringing some green to the red planet of Mars. In this hand building resource management game players take control of a corporation and acquire project cards to influence the planet. These cost credits but at the promise of better resources and progression. By elevating the 3 global parameters of temperature, oxygen, and ocean, your corporation can increase their terraforming score in hopes to become the best corporation on the red planet. For those wanting a big game to induldge in with games lasting up to 120 minutes, then this is for you.


For those who love cats and blankets, then this is for you. This 1-4 player game, by Alderac Entertainment, tasks players to complete the prettiest, most snuggliest quilt for the most wonderful of cats. Each player takes turns sewing patches from their hand onto their quilt. Earn more points by creating colour and pattern combos as well as attach buttons! The most attractive quilts attract the most feline attention. This 30-45 minute game is a visual delight and holds great casual fun!

Unlock 8!

Do you like escape rooms? And you like board games? Why not combine them both with Unlock 8! by Space Cowboys. You have 60 minutes in this 1-6 player co-operative card game to find clues, assemble items, and solve awesome puzzles. Can you complete them in time? A brilliant tense adventure against the clock. Not only that but there are a multitude of adventures to enjoy. Themes ranging from Sherlock Holmes, Ancient Greece, Secret Agents, Time Machines, and many many more! Test your brain with others with Unlock 8!

And that is your lot! Which board game from the list peaks your interest the most? And is there a board game not on the list you love to play? Let us know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and guides. Until next time, smile and game!