In the world of Deception you need to become pure evil. Talking politely to your unsuspecting victims isn’t going to cut it anymore. You must master the techniques and gain the maximum amount of Ark to prove how devious you can become. If you don’t fulfil this, the Devil will never be resurrected. You don’t want to disappoint your father right? To help you out with Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess I have five tips that can help you unleash your inner demon.

Tip 1: Mix & Match Your Traps

In the game you have three different variations on traps. Elaborate, Sadistic and Humiliating diabolica all come along with their own effects, distances and potential. In order to gain the maximum amount of Ark possible in both Story and Quest mode, you must get used to taking into missions a combination of all three of these trap variations.

For Example: Used to using a Bear Trap to keep your opponents under control? Why not try using an Iron Rake instead for Humiliation and then rework your traps around the enragement effect. Use wall traps such as the Lethal Lance to capture your opponents as they chase you down and then combine a Springboard and Delta Horse to get your opponent in a nice position ready to then use something in your environment. These small changes can help you from getting a simple amount of Ark to the absolute max possible. Variety is key.

Tip 2: Master The Basics Through The Tutorial

Tip 3: Use Your Environment To Your Advantage

Tip 4: Try, Try Again

Tip 5: Trap Switching can be done at the end or mid-combo