When Capcom announced that they would be holding an Ace Attorney panel at this year’s Tokyo Game Show, which took place in September, it was predicted that a whole new instalment in the Ace Attorney series would be announced. Sadly, despite the rumours, a new game was not showcased during the panel. What we did receive was a piece of excellent news for owners of modern consoles.

A remaster of the original three games, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy HD, which was originally released for iOS, Android and Nintendo 3DS, the latter of which we reviewed back in January 2015. This collection is now in development for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC, with a projected release date of Spring 2019. Hopefully, this means the other games will also receive a multi-platform release in the near future. Despite the disappointment at the lack of news regarding a new instalment, the question of the content and features of a possible sequel still remain.

Here at VGU, we have come up with some suggestions for how the series could potentially evolve, and what changes could be made to the existing formula to build the Ace Attorney game that fans could only dream about.

1. Multiple Endings for Each Case

2. A New Playable Attorney

3. Cameos of Older Characters

4. Multiple Difficulty Levels

5. Simultaneous Cross Examinations