The hype train is fuelled with hundreds of Shovel Knight amiibo and it’s on course for its final destination, so let’s speculate on 5 things to expect from tomorrow’s final Direct dedicated to Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3DS. This list will be a mix of pretty standard stuff, as well as some ridiculous speculation so just roll with it. Most Smashers are at a fever pitch anyway so just bear with us all until tomorrow.

1 – A Big Old Balance Patch

With the probable introduction of at least one DLC character following tomorrow’s Direct, it is safe to expect we’re getting a balance patch to accompany any DLC we do receive. Since the last patch, we’ve had 2 major tournaments in The Big House 5 and MLG World Finals and while there still has been a fairly large Sheik presence, we’ve been seeing characters like Meta Knight and Ryu on the come up so we may see some balancing to reflect that. I think some form of nerf to Sheik and probably ZSS is inbound, but I doubt we’ll have another wide ranging change like the shieldstun changes which we saw in 1.1.1. I’d love to see some lower tiers get some love (I’m still waiting on that grab range buff for Ganon) but we’ll see what we will actually get. Make sure to archive your replays somewhere as well, because they are getting nuked with a new patch.

2 – New Game Modes

Now, I imagine a lot of people will expect me to say something about a new Subspace Emissary but let’s be real, the mode was just a rubbish brawler that was only made bearable by some wicked cutscenes. Plus, Sakurai has said previously that due to all of the Subspace Emissary cutscenes being leaked online in Brawl, he wouldn’t do another one. If he is going to do a single player mode, it’ll be a straight up Adventure Mode like that seen in Melee. It’s just a jazzed up Classic Mode anyway so it’s actually feasible to do unlike a massive campaign like Subspace Emissary. I’m also expecting some kind of new online mode, maybe more customisation options for tournies or an Alpha mode for For Glory where we can pick Battlefield as a stage. I would love to see a proper Ranked Match feature with stage striking, best of 3 sets and a rematch button built in but that is really unlikely when considering Sakurai’s dismissive attitude towards competitive Smash.

3 – New and Returning Stages