For many people, Bloodborne was their introduction to the sadistic side of gaming that the Souls series offers. The game’s impressive sales far surpassed Sony’s expectations and gave the PlayStation 4 its first real must-have game that has only seen the fan-base grow, arguably the majority of players are hardened Souls veterans like myself  The reality though is that Bloodborne is an entirely different beast to its predecessors, the heightened emphasis on white-knuckle combat and cosmic horror is a far cry from the swords and shields flavour of Dark Souls.
The success of Bloodborne will no doubt push new players to try out Dark Souls III and here’s hoping that it does. However the differences between the two games may not strike the same chord the second time around and developers From Software have shown in the past that they can learn from previous successes to increase their fan-base. So from here I’m presenting you with five things that Dark Souls III could borrow from its mutant offspring that’ll not only ease in new players, but greatly improve its already strong formula.

5. Rag-Doll Physics

4. Horrible Surprises

3. Bloodshed

2. Insight (Or a Similar Mechanic)

1. Transformable Weapons