Ever wanted to delve into wonderful worlds of Dungeons and Dragons but don’t know where to start? Join us as we give you 5 reasons why you should try your hand at the tabletop roleplaying game from Wizards of the Coast. So, grab your dice as its time to break down barriers, expand your understanding, and bring forth the excitement of rolling for initiative.

Dungeons & Dragons was first published in 1974 by Tactician Rules Inc and designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Arnerson. Recognised as the beginning of the modern era of role playing games, D&D allowed players to embark on exciting adventures like those out of movies and books but from their living rooms. Now being published by Wizards of the Coast under Hasbro, millions of players from across the globe meet up with their friends, families, and even strangers to engage in beautiful settings, characters, and loot dungeons.

#1 Create your alter ego

The first item on the list of pros is the ability to create your alter ego. There are a plethora of races in D&D. There are your standard fantasy races such as Humans, Dwarves, and Elves. But also, there are dragons, half demons, half angels, as well as many others. Just picture your favourite fantasy setting from any media. Whether it be Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, He-Man, or The Witcher, and think about who you would be in that world. You are only limited by your imagination.

As an example, you might feel you want to be the guardian of the weak; vanquisher of those who would do harm to the innocents of the world; a shining bastion fighting off the incoming darkness that looms over the kingdom. Your part angelic ancestry grants you influences over the nobles and allows refuge in several religious temples. Donning paladin plate, a fine longsword, and kite shield, you sink fear into foes hearts and bestow inspiration to your allies.

Another example might be you are just a poor gnome child in the slums of the capital. No parents, not many friends, and looked down upon by the higher sects of high-elven society. Over the years, you have refined your skills of survival. May this be scavenging for supplies, stealing what you need from those who have too much already, and crafting equipment to help you through the tough winters. The shadows are your friend. You do what you must to survive and not get caught.

With just a little thought and feeling into your character you can create simple yet engaging backstories. These characters can really become your own from which you and your fellow players can care about and say, “Wow they are so cool”. From there, you can embrace the world before you in ways a digital game lacks.

#2 Embrace and explore vibrant worlds

Second on our list is the wonderful prospect of exploring numerous, exhilarating worlds. Whether you play using the many adventures constructed by Wizards of the Coast, or driving forward in a home brew world, you can engage and indulge in countless beautiful settings. These settings can be endless desserts riddled by whirling dervishes, luscious forests protected by Dryads and fairies, or traversing vast oceans with tales of armada consuming Kraken and Dragons.

By following the adventures provided by Wizards, whether you are a player or Dungeon Master, you are subject to the fleshed out marvels that the writing and creative team have to offer. You may find yourself travelling to a local town only to see smoke billowing from the houses over the luscious hills. A dragon, and its underlings, are besieging the settlement ravaging all that stand in their way. Only the heroes can stop them by sword, bolt, or spell.

If driving your own story and world development, or following the vision of someone else’s game, you could be taken on a wild rollercoaster of a ride. Each world can and will be different to the last. You can even traverse the planes of existence chasing an exiled deity before they can exact their misunderstood revenge. Dungeons and Dragons provides the bare bones for you to flesh out and play in worlds of your own liking. It’s too easy to have fun when the world is in your hands.

#3 Endless possibilities and endless fun

Riding on the back of the previous two points, taking part in the vast possibilities of the unknown and beauties is exciting. From the first time you start a new character to the 10th session in a story, each instance will be new and engaging. Each character you create will be yours to flesh out and each interaction with the world will be yours to make.

Not only are you creating an alter ego in a world wildly different from our own but, there are the interactions with the inhabitants of said world to consider. Each continent, kingdom, city, and NPC is yours to engage in any way you like. Form friendships and rivalries, accept employ within an empire, or just seek out the endless cuisine of the lands. The freedom is yours to explore!

It becomes increasingly thrilling when you play with a group of friends. Consider a quest to seek out and destroy a powerful artifact in the possession of deadly cultists. You and your party fight through waves of demons and fallen sorcerers to make your way to the corrupt alter filled with fetid air. Before you lies the tome of blood oaths layered in crimson leather. Now the decision is yours. Do you destroy the tome and ensure no more lives are claimed by its magic? Or, do you keep the tome and save it for an evil you may encounter later with possible repercussions? Each party member will have their own agenda and opinions leading to very interesting situations.

Alternatively, if playing through a pre-constructed story from Wizards of the Coast, each successive play through will lead to different results. Whether playing with the same group, introducing a friend to the wonderful game, or playing with a different group entirely, each play through will create entertaining results different from the last. Navigating the forks in the road of life defines not only your character but the game.

#4 Create memorable moments with friends new and old

As with most tabletop games across all generations, they are design to be enjoyed time and time again with friends and family. Dungeons and Dragons is no different. Participating in engaging and rewarding stories, developing your characters, and gaining a sense of achievement quest after quest is made all the better when pushing forward with others.

Consider going into battle against a rampaging goblin horde that has pillaged village after village. The elven ranger and draconic sorcerer release precise volleys and azure, arcane blasts respectively covering each others backs. The kinship has been developed throughout the campaign and such battles are twisted into a competition between the two. Imagine the change in emotions and atmosphere if one of the duo were to be seriously injured by a lucky goblin blade. A shock of blood falls as panic sets in.

Or, returning to town after a successful recapture of a key fort on the frontlines. Hitting the nearest tavern bustling with regulars, the smell of ale envelops your nostrils, and the laughter and smiles experiences all round. But what’s this? A drinking competition and free drinks for the winner? Get your dice ready for constitution checks as your party cheers you on roll after roll in nail biting rounds of drinking. These situations, although very different, create lasting memories from which you can keep coming back to!

#5 Epic battles and driving story

Lasty, this is for those who like to keep their blood pumping and mind driven. As with many role playing games, wonderfully created and compelling stories coupled with exciting and rewarding combat are at its heart. Dungeons and Dragons demonstrates expertly. The pre-constructed adventures and campaigns by the super talented D&D team takes the players through a winding road of developments and tests their metal against fierce foes.

These epic encounters can pit the players against various enemies. These can range from rampaging goblins assaulting a defenseless village, to the liar of a tyrannical black elder dragon, infiltrating the dank underground hideout of dangerous assassins, or even ascend to the pantheon steps to fell an outcasted demigod. Each swing of the sharpened sword, release of an whistling arrow, or cast of a crackling lightning bolt has impact, feel, and results. And you have the reigns!

As for the story, each one you pick up, whether it be an officially released narrative or one created by a player, there are twists and turns throughout your journey. Your patron tasking you with the investigation of a guild of thieves might be the leader luring your party into a cunning trap. Or, the fallen demigod might have been cast down for reasons that attract sympathy from the party and the true mission is find a new direction for the deity. The luscious and deep world is yours to explore in any manner you see fit. It is also the canvas that you will paint your experience.

So where do I Start?

So, are you interested in forged your alter-ego’s destiny and exploring lavish new worlds? Want to know where to get involved and kick start your exciting journey? Good. Well, first things first, Wizards of the Coast have some free resources to wet your appetite for adventure on there official website. You can also find the starter set where you and a group of your friends can delve into the marvelous game. So why not have a gander?

So there we have it; 5 reasons why you should get in Dungeons and Dragons. Whether you like to step into the shoes of an alter ego, exploring rich and vibrant worlds, or felling mighty enemies with your friends, there is something for everyone. And, more importantly, there is infinite content spanning all genres! So, have a dabble today, grab some friends, or make some new ones, and start carving your own story! It’s ripe for the picking! Stay tuned for more news, reviews, and previews. Until next time, smile and game!