With Silent Hills being canned, us horror fans are disappointed to know that we won’t be getting our dose of psychological horror at this year’s E3. Never fear though my friends, there are still a handful of games to look forward to at this year’s convention. Whilst none of them could possibly fill the void that Silent Hills has left in the hearts of gamers everywhere, these five beauties should be enough to lift your spirits and keep hoping that one day we’ll go beyond P.T. and get the game we were all promised. The wounds are still fresh Konami…

Now, not all of these games are guaranteed to be at E3 as we haven’t had a complete run-down of everything that’ll be featured. However, these are the games that’ll be hitting stores in the near future, so it seems likely that E3 will offer us some new gameplay or cinematic trailers. So, with that in mind, let’s rock and or roll.

Until Dawn


Friday the 13th